The Home Workout Solution (a 12-Week Dumbbell Fat Loss Program)

The Home Workout Solution

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I created the Home Workout Solution with one goal in mind:


Create an effective home workout plan to help you lose oodles of fat and build a lean & toned body with nothing more than a set of dumbbells!


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What Makes This Program Any Different?


Most people I talk to who are struggling to lose fat don't hate working out...


What they hate is not having a plan. 


And even when they do find a plan, it usually has them working out in a gym 5-6 days per week for 60-90 minutes at a time…


The reality is that most folks don’t have the time, patience, or energy to make that happen on a regular basis.


The alternative — crappy home workout DVDs — don’t really cut it either.


They can work at first, and they’re definitely convenient, but they focus too much on just breaking a sweat and "feeling the burn"...


Sweating more ≠ more effective workout.
Feeling the burn ≠ getting lean & toned.


The Home Workout Solution is the, well, solution!


If time-consuming gym workouts and poorly-designed home workouts were two sides to an Oreo, The Home Workout Solution would be the double-stuffed (yes, double-stuffed) creamy goodness smooshed in the middle.


With my program, you get the convenience of working out from home AND an effective strength training routine.


My thinking is this...


When your workout's convenient, it's easier to stay consistent.  Combine consistency with a well-designed strength training workout plan, and you'll have to perfect formula for losing fat and building an amazing body. 


Plus, the muscle you build will help you maintain a faster metabolism — making it easier to get and stay at a healthy body weight forever!


Is This a Physical Book?


Nope. It’s a digital PDF package that comes with:


  • a Main Guide  - instruction & guidance on how to use the program


  • a 12-Week Training Plan  - the actual workouts 🙂


  • The Push Up Progression Guide - provides multiple push up progressions that ANYONE can use (even if you can’t do a regular push up right now).


  • The Dumbbell Exercise Database - a collection of tutorial videos for all of the exercises and stretches in the training plan (performed by your’s truly!)


What Equipment Do I Need?


As the name of the program implies, all you need is a set of dumbbells!


Side note: if you’re in the market for dumbbells, I highly recommend ordering an adjustable set.


Reason being, they’ll save you a ton of money and space in the long run from not having to buy multiple sets of different weights.


I like THIS set because they’re cheap and get the job done 🙂


Is This Program For Men or Women?




I created a men’s and woman’s version of the program.


The versions are very similar, though...


Reason being, there’s not a whole lot of difference in how women and men should workout. If the goal is building a lean & toned body, then both should focus on building strength and muscle.


The main difference is that the male program focuses a bit more on upper body exercises (specifically direct arm work) whereas the female program focuses more on lower body & booty exercises.


Is This Program Just For Beginners?


I created this plan with beginners and early intermediate lifters in mind.


Thing is, there are situations where dumbbell-only training can become limiting.


For example, If your goal is to maximize your muscle building results, you’ll eventually wanna move to barbells and heavy compounds movements.


But even if you’re a late intermediate or advanced lifter, you can still get a great workout using this plan! 


The purpose of this program is to make exercise super convenient, which will really come in handy when you’re…


  • on vacation
  • having a busy work week
  • experiencing inclement weather
  • busy and only have 30-60 minutes


Is This a Diet Plan?


Nope… The Home WORKOUT Solution is a workout plan ????


Thing is, diet is very individual, and trying to give a one-size-fits-all nutrition plan for everyone would make me feel super crappy because I know most people couldn’t/wouldn’t follow it.


In the main guide of this course, I provide a “roadmap” that’ll point you towards many of the articles I’ve already written that, if applied, will help you create a kick-ass fat loss diet plan for yourself.


And because you’ll have a set workout routine to follow, you’ll be able to put time & effort into making sure your nutrition plan fits your lifestyle.


Will This Program Get Me Results?


It definitely will… but only if you do it.


Pretty much anything will work if you put in the effort and follow through. The problem is, many times, we start something, slowly lose motivation, and then quit before real change starts showing.


Like I said early, the primary goal of this program is to make exercise simple, convenient, and something that fits easily into your busy schedule.


So my promise is this —> if you stay consistent in following this program, and if you give each workout your best effort, you will see fantastic results!


Here are couple 12-week before & after’s of my online coaching clients:

Carter Good

In 12 weeks, Courtney lost 18 pounds, dropped 4 inches, and built a hell-of-a-lotta lean muscle.


Oh, and she did it using nothing more than dumbbells and three 30-45 minute workouts per week!


Courtney travels a lot for work, but because her plan only required dumbbells, she’s able to make it work by bringing along her own set. If she's flying, she’ll simply utilize the hotel gym since most have dumbbells available.


Here’s another client, Steven:

Carter Good

Steven and I started working together right at the start of his college finals. He was working a part time job, too.


Despite the heavy workload, he was able to shed body fat and build muscle with a set of dumbbells.


Does The Home Workout Solution Sound Like Something For You?


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- Carter