Metabolic Meltdown (a 90-Day Fat Loss Challenge)

Metabolic Meltdown

“ What’s the best way to get started losing weight? ”


That question above is one of the most common questions I get asked about fitness and losing weight.


At first glance, this question seemed rather straightforward and easy to answer. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I didn’t have and “easy answer” to give...


There was no single diet or training program I could point to with 100% confidence.


Sure, there were some good ones... but none of them had all the elements of nutrition and exercise that I believe are essential for short and long-term fat loss success.


Then it HIT ME like a semi-trailer truck...


Why not take matters into my own hands and create something that would serve as the "easy answer" I was looking for?


That question is what led me to create Metabolic Meltdown - my first ever fat loss program!


The Metabolic Meltdown Fat Loss Challenge


The Metabolic Meltdown Fat Loss Challenge is the culmination of the knowledge and experience I've gained through personally losing over 140 pounds and with helping my clients—online and in person—lose fat and build the body of their dreams.


All of the research, tough lessons, experimentation, ups & downs, anecdotal confirmation and feedback I've gathered over the years come neatly packed and outlined into this fat loss challenge for you.


What Is It?


Metabolic Meltdown is a 90-day fat loss challenge designed with the sole purpose of providing you with quick fat loss results while simultaneously teaching diet and exercise strategies that are sustainable and enjoyable in the long run.


Why This Challenge?


The biggest mistakes I see others making with their weight loss plan are...


  1. Going to diet extremes via specific food restriction, ultra-low calories, and negative food labeling.
  2. Following an exercise program involving hours of chronic cardio on the treadmill/elliptical/stair master/etc.


Simply put, these strategies are unsustainable for any significant amount of time.


What's more is they lead people to experience excessive muscle loss, extreme hunger, a slower metabolism, weight loss plateaus, and a relapse in weight gain...


Otherwise known as, "yo-yo dieting."


(I was basically the poster boy for this approach and struggled for years as a result...)


Metabolic Meltdown tackles these common mistakes head on using strategies that are sustainable and actually PROMOTE a healthy metabolism!


Some of them include:


  • Strength Training for building muscle
  • "Metabolic Wrap-Ups" for burning fat without the time and stress of chronic cardio (also known as Metabolic Conditioning)
  • A Moderate Calorie Deficit Diet (while this doesn't make your metabolism faster metabolism, it won’t crash it like an extreme deficit)
  • Equal Distribution of Macronutrients for optimal hormonal health and hunger regulation
  • Focus on Food Quality to ensure adequate micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, etc.)
  • ZERO Food Restriction (vital for long-term adherence)
  • Freedom Tracking - which is an alternative to calorie counting that lets you bypass the steep learning curve and see quicker results (no prior tracking experience needed!)
  • "Metabolic Moving" Strategies that turn healthy daily activities—such as walking more and sitting less—into lifestyle habits effortlessly. (this switch will help you burn hundreds of additional calories each day!)Is This Challenge Good For Beginners?


Is This Challenge Good For Beginners?




This program works great for anybody looking to lose fat and learn how to stay lean for life.


The workout and exercise substitution sections allow this program to work flawlessly for anyone in the "Complete Beginner” to "Late Intermediate (2-5 years lifting correctly)” strength training experience range.


I consider myself a “Late Intermediate” strength trainee, which is why I hesitate to recommend the training strategies included in Metabolic Meltdown to an elite strength athlete.


However, those folks could still greatly benefit from the fat loss nutrition protocols.


Is This Challenge Good For Men & Women?


Heck Frikkin' Yes!


In truth, there's not much difference in HOW men and women should train. Both will benefit immensely from strength training and building lean muscle.


The difference is in WHAT they focus their training on...


For example, the men's version of the program puts emphasis on upper body work whereas the women's version puts emphasis on the lower body—particularlly the booty region. ????


Both the men and women versions promote total body strength, posture improvement, and build a lean & healthy looking physique.


What Kind of Results Can I Expect To See?


Well, it'll depend a lot on your current weight/sex/experience with diet...


But here are some figures based on the progress my clients have made in the same period of time:


  • Lose 10-18% of Your Body Fat
    • If you're a shorter woman, roughly 10-15 pounds of fat loss
    • If you're a taller man, around 25-30 pounds of fat loss
  • Gains in Lean Muscle and Strength
    • Ladies can expect to look leaner and more toned
    • Dudes can expect to look leaner and more muscular/defined
  • A Faster Metabolism & Greater Fat-Burning Potential
  • Understanding of Diet and Exercise strategies that are Sustainable and lead to Long-Term Results.


Now, I know those results sound exciting, but there's a catch...


You'll ONLY see those results if you're CONSISTENT with following the exercise and diet strategies in the challenge...


If you give it 100%, you will see seriously fat loss results.
If you give it 50%, you will see sorta-okay results.
If you buy it and don’t use it, you will see ZERO fat loss results.


Here's what one of my clients, Todd, was able to do in 12 weeks of giving 100%:

Todd Chabot Transformation-2

As you can see, Todd kicked some serious *fat loss booty,*dropping 17 pounds in just 12 weeks of following strategies like those outlined in the challenge.


You can check out other before & after photos of my clients HERE.


Do I Need Access to a Gym?


Not necessarily.


Along with bodyweight exercise, this program includes kettlebell, dumbbell, and barbell movements. The exercise substitution section makes it possible to follow this program from home granted you have a dumbbells/kettlebells available.


How Long Does The Challenge Last?


It lasts (roughly) 90 days and includes three phases of workouts that span 4 weeks each.


However, the diet and exercise strategies you learn will benefit you throughout your entire fitness journey of losing fat, getting lean, and staying fit for life!


How Will The Challenge Get Delivered to Me?


Metabolic Meltdown includes 5 digital PDF files that are delivered to you via email after your purchase. I formatted the workout in a way that you can print them off, take them to the gym, and track your progress.


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- Carter