Kim, 32

online coaching
 Body Stats:
  • Before Weight: 149 lbs
  • After Weight: 135.6 lbs
  • Before Measurements:
    • 31 in. waist
    • 39 in. hips
  • After Measurements:
    • 28 in. waist
    • 38 in. hips
What has been your biggest struggle with losing weight and achieving your fitness goals? 

My biggest struggle was always been my hectic schedule full of travel and endless running around. The fad diets didn't fit into my lifestyle and I always failed because of that and on top of that I was inundated with information on how to lose weight and what to eat or not eat. I was overwhelmed and felt helpless. 

What made you want to change? 
I think the number one thing was just wanting to feel better about myself. I wasn't necessarily "overweight" but I knew I was headed in that direction and I didn't know how to stop it. I also wanted to feel healthy and learn how to manage it before kids and before I got to the point of thinking there was no return.
What was your biggest concern before you began working with me? How did you overcome it?

Definitely the commitment haha. As you know, my schedule is lived in 2 week increments where I travel back and forth. I'm also finishing my degree while working full-time and have a husband that goes on deployments. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to keep up with the tracking and the daily check-ins and the overall commitment to it.

But, in the same way I accomplish most tasks I'm faced with - I had to do it, so I did. 

What was the hardest thing for you to change in order to succeed? How did you do it?
Staying consistent! Not because I found it to be difficult, but because of the talks I gave myself in the past. I always figured that because I ate a piece of pizza for dinner followed by cookies I ruined everything. Instead of just making better decisions the next meal I went on a downward spiral and gave up.
What was the lowest point of your journey? How did you overcome it? 

As you know, this was a rough summer for me. Between losing my sister and my dad being sick and having an accident of my own I found it reeeeaaaaally hard to stay motivated and make myself a priority. I felt guilty for missing so much work so I poured myself back into my job and I was spending so much time giving to everyone else and trying to comfort others that I got to the point where I didn't think my own health was really all that important. I felt I was being selfish at a time that other people needed me...

I'm not sure if I consciously did anything to overcome it, but I did get to a point where I had nothing left to give to anyone (or myself) and I reorganized some of my priorities and put myself back on the list of important things. 

Did you achieve what you initially set out for? Was there anything positive you achieved that you didn't expect?
I definitely did. Like everyone, I set out to lose weight - and I did. But, what caught me by surprise is the way I changed my outlook and my lifestyle without even realizing it. I have learned skills that are long term not just "lose weight fast now," tactics and I think deep down, that's what I wanted all along I just didn't realize it - or think it was possible
Looking back, was working with me what you thought it would be? Do you feel you made the right decision?

Working with you was exactly what I expected and completely different. I knew you'd be there to offer solid advice and lead me along the way. What I didn't expect was how understanding and encouraging you are. You are a normal human who lives a normal life and understands that I can't spend 5 hours making food for the week and that I'm not going to run 6 miles every 3 days.

I haven't had that experience before with other fitness coaches. It was refreshing and honestly, so wonderful. It's a lot easier to continue when you know that you're not going to get yelled at or scolded for making a poor choice here and there. 

What was your favorite part of about working with me?

I love that you've had your own fitness journey. I've found with other coaches they have never struggled with weight or they went to an extreme that wasn't necessarily a life change that everyone is able to make for themselves. I think because of your own journey you are very empathetic to the struggles, the ups and downs, the uncertainties, and the anxiety that this journey can induce. You get it, 100% and I loved that. My favorite part was knowing that you had my back no matter what and that helping others really is where your interest lies.

My second favorite part was how available and responsive you are. I probably didn't utilize your openness to communication as much as I could have, but knowing you were available when I needed you was a major help!

What are your future health and fitness plans?
I'm going to keep going! I might not email you every day (and I'm sure you'll miss hearing from me), but I am going to continue with the momentum you've given me and do my best to maintain the schedule of physical activity!