Attention Online Coaches, Trainers, or Nutritionists:

Interested In Learning My Exact Process For Adding $$$ Monthly With Group Challenges?

Are you an established online coach, trainer, or nutritionist with an audience or email list, and want to help more people who follow you get results AND make additional income outside of 1-on-1 coaching?

I've developed a simple, systemized process of running low ticket monthly challenges as a way to build trust with potential prospects, add more revenue to my business, and sign on more clients (since it's a natural upsell into 1-on-1 coaching).

This is something every established online coach should consider having in their offer, which is why I'm putting together a course that will give you the exact process to launch your own client-getting challenges, including:

  • How to design & deliver your challenge
  • How to launch it to your audience
  • The exact emails I send (I'm giving you my actual swipe file for these)
  • The simple tech stack to set everything up
  • How to turn challenges into clients
  • Ninja tactics to make these challenges super effective (& profitable)

(Basically, you'll get everything you need to quickly set up and start running these challenges to make additional $$$, sign on more clients, and help more of your audience get results.)

I'll be opening the doors to this program tomorrow (Tues, June 27th)... To learn more about it when I do, opt-in on the page here and I'll be in touch with the next steps.

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Carter Good

Co-Founder, Leaner For Life

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