Carter Good
 Body Stats:
  • Before Weight: 159.2 lbs
  • After Weight: 141.8 lbs
  • Before Measurements:
    • 31 in. waist
    • 40.5 in. hips
  • After Measurements:
    • 26.5 in. waist
    • 35 in. hips


What has been your biggest struggle with losing weight and achieving your fitness goals? 

Figuring out how to put nutrition and exercise together to achieve my goals. To cut through all the BS and keep it simple. I wanted to sculpt my body, lose fat and gain muscle. I wasn’t sure of the most efficient way to do it. And do it in a way to achieve lasting results. 

What made you want to change? 

I did not recognize the person I was becoming. I was letting outside circumstances rule how I treated myself and my body. I didn’t like it, I felt terrible, no energy, I just didn’t care. I wanted to be better and do better for myself.

What was your biggest concern before you began working with me? How did you overcome it?

How someone online and not with me in person could guide me through an appropriate exercise program. I trusted the process and could tell that you were enthusiastic and experienced with working with others and getting them results. Your own story made me feel like you were the coach for me.  You have empathy. You’re not pushy and you have a way of really hearing people.  You’re helping them discover the answers for themselves. That was huge for me. If I work and get to the answer myself, it helps to build those habits. It sticks with you more than if someone just tells you every move to make. 

What was the hardest thing for you to change in order to succeed? How did you do it?

My wishy-washy commitment to nutrition. I was motivated by the program and the process that you proposed. I just made the commitment. I knew it was going to work if I went all in. You helped me to believe that I could do it, that it was totally possible. 

What was the lowest point of your journey? How did you overcome it? 

The lowest point of my journey was the beginning.  About 4-5 months before I signed on with you, I was at my heaviest and feeling so down. I said fuck it, I have to just go for it. I signed up for an online fitness challenge. (Erica Fit Love)  I started to take better care of myself both physically and mentally. I had lost weight and felt it was a good start. I wanted to take it up a notch and try the one on one coaching. I had followed you for several months prior and just felt a very positive vibe from you. I knew we would get along and I appreciated your easy going approach. I felt very hopeful filling out my application and then talking with you on the phone. I just jumped in and didn’t overthink it. What did I have to lose?

Did you achieve what you initially set out for? Was there anything positive you achieved that you didn't expect?

I always say that I’m a work in progress and never want to feel “done”. But yes, I really did achieve what I initially set out to do. And that was take better care of myself, move more and learn more about how to make food work for me and not against me. And most importantly to chill the fuck out. The unexpected side benefit is that I feel more confident, more optimistic and more capable than ever before. I have also made incredible friends that I have never even met! Is that a thing? So crazy that it’s a thing!! It’s pretty great and I can’t wait to meet certain people in person and give out the biggest tightest hugs!! 

Looking back, was working with me what you thought it would be? Do you feel you made the right decision?
Ummmm......duh.  YES!!  Everything and more! Gained a true friend and mentor in the process. 
What are your future health and fitness plans?

To keep moving forward and stay on track with what I’ve started. To build from here and keep pushing myself to sculpt my body and to stay active. It’s at its beginning stages, but I am hoping to expand my current knowledge in physical therapy and get certified as a personal trainer for cancer patients. ACSM has a specialty certification program in that area. Maybe I’ll start my own business one day. I would love to have my own practice where I do home visits, community outreach, one one ones, whatever!! There is such a need for people going through treatment to know that they can exercise and that it does make them feel better. It can help them heal, help them achieve better outcomes. They do not have to sit on the sidelines while they go through treatment. They do not have to wait before they start. The time is now and they can achieve a new level of health even when they are going through treatment.


A few things I’ve learned from Carter Good
But(t) ????
Right meow 
Party plates (Holla!) *insert dancing Pooh gif 
Kitties titties 
Drip & Drake 
And my personal fave: be the ???? 

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