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Welcome To The

Fit February Challenge!

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Quickstart Guide

Below you'll find the Challenge Quickstart Guide which will walk you through all the steps you need to take to be set up for success

IMAGE - Quick Start

Quickstart Guide

Challenge Guides & Resources

Below you'll find all of the downloadable Challenge Guides and Resources

Nutrition Guides & Resources

IMAGE – Eating Plan

Challenge Eating Guide

IMAGE – Challenge Quickstart Guide

Progress Guide

[Fit February] Meal Planning

Easy Meal Planning + Sample Recipes

IMAGE – Resources

Recommended Resources

Workout Programs

Included are 3 different programs, based on what you have access to (gym-based, dumbbells, and resistance bands). Each includes a full 4-week program.


Gym-Based Workout Routine


Dumbbell-Based Workout Routine


Band Only Workouts

IMAGE – Exercise Tutorials

Exercise Tutorial Guide

Challenge Nutrition Calculator

Use this calculator to determine your maintenance and deficit calorie range for weight loss


Maintenance Calories


Maintenance Calories


Maintenance Range

Deficit Calories


20% Deficit Calories


20% Deficit Range


25% Deficit Calories


25% Deficit Range


30% Deficit Calories


30% Deficit Range

Before using the data obtained using this calculator, please consult with doctor.

Calculator Notes:

For this Challenge, you'll be using the Maintenance Calories and the 30% Deficit Calories. The idea is to hit the 30% deficit five days per week, and eat at maintenance the other two days.

This ensures you're hitting your Weekly Deficit (i.e. the most important thing) conducive to weight loss, while also accounting for real life - like going out on the weekends, getting takeout, having some drinks, etc.

Live Q&A Call Replays

Below you'll find the recordings of any Q&A calls we do during the Challenge

Next Q&A Call Date:
Tues, Feb 7th @ 5:30pm CST


Timestamps From The Call:

✅ 04:40 – Do you have some ideas on how to get good approximations for homemade food that doesn’t take a long time to calculate?

06:49 – Can we expect to see some fat loss from this challenge if we aren’t as concerned about losing weight?

07:52 – How much water should we be drinking?

10:30 – Should we stick to the same lifestyle eating plan or can we adjust as needed depending on our schedule?

11:26 – Curbing night time eating when I’m not hungry?

13:04 – What app do you recommend to track nutrition? And do you have protein recommendations for just calorie range?”

✅ 14:00 – Is it okay to eat more protein than your target goal?

14:24 – What does "4s" mean in the Dumbbell program Goblet Squat?

15:07 – My 30% deficit results in 1300 calories allowed during the week. Is this healthy? It feels too low to be realistic long term.

16:42 – My biggest road blocks are my self-sabotaging thoughts. I succumb to “all or nothing” thinking. Sometimes I’m really locked in, but if I have one “bad” meal/day, I just stop tracking and go all out. Do you have any strategies to help manage these thoughts?

✅ 20:25 – Would love to get your thoughts on dairy. Yes or no? I have seen some programs that recommended cutting them out?”

21:55 – How about some help controlling nighttime binges when ur not hungry?

24:36 – What to do from here...

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