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Learn My Proven Process That Has Clients Dropping 10-30 Lbs In Their First 16 Weeks Or Less (Without Any Diet Restrictions)

This Is Exactly What I Did To Lose 140+ Pounds Total – And Keep Off For Good!

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Our Metabolic Boost Blueprint Will Help You If...

  • Have stubborn body fat that just won't come off

  • Tried other approaches in the past that didn't seem to work

  • Feel like you have a 'slow' metabolism

  • Don't want to try (or fail) another 'Fad Diet'

This proven process works regardless of your fitness experience, or how much weight you have to lose...


3 Month Transformation

Lost 10 lbs and several inches


4 Month Transformation

Lost 20 lbs and several inches


4 Month Transformation

Lost 27 lbs and 11 inches (waist & hips)

Age is just a number!
Amy got in the best shape of her life at 52 years young (and now she's one of our LFL Coaches!)


Imagine raving about being down full pant sizes and shocked at the progress you're seeing, like these clients did on their Weekly Check-Ins...


Over 440,000 People Follow Me On Instagram For One Reason: I Make Weight Loss Simple.

Hi, I'm Carter Good, head coach here at Leaner For Life, and first off... I know what it's like to be in your shoes.

I used to weigh over 305 lbs, and know what it's like to struggle day in and day out, just trying to find anything that works. After a 2-year weight loss journey, I finally figured out a simple and sustainable way to lose weight - and keep it off - and lost over 145 lbs.

(Yes, I lost 145 lbs before coaching a single person.)

Now, I help people who struggle like I used to. The weight loss industry is so confusing - all these diet plans, gurus, and "magic pills" makes it nearly impossible for regular people like you and me to sift through the BS and just get straight advice on what to do.

That's why I made it my mission to "de-mystify" fitness and nutrition - and this mission has attracted a loyal audience of more than 440,000 followers (and growing!).

My team and I here at Leaner For Life are on a mission to make fitness and nutrition simple so you can reach your goals without your world revolving around your diet.

So far, we've helped over 834+ clients get results using our proven process called the Metabolic Boost Blueprint - and we can absolutely help you do the same.

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